I love photography and giving clients a look at themselves and their families though my eye and lens. Please feel free to fill out the form below so we can get you "photographressed!"

Also, please check me out on Facebook where I frequently post my most up-to-date shoots & other fun-filled shenanigans :D

Wedding photos are available in addition to engagement, bridal shower, or other associated festivities.

Capture the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, first dance, family togetherness, cutting the cake to saying "I Do!"

Pregnant? Just have a new baby? Is your child off to kindergarten? Elementary school? High school? Any one getting ready to graduate?

Inside or on location, make the memories that will be treasured as your littles make it from diapers to diplomas.

Family or singular portraits are a great way to watch kids grow and change, and show off just how lovely your tree grows.

In your home or at your favorite family spot on location, its always nice to have photos that display the whole bunch.

Want pictures of something else? Have a business event? A doll collection? Love your cat? Your car? Give me a call! I love interesting and new concepts; we'll figure out something that works for me and for you!

I have worked with The Willits News as a photographer, writer and graphic designer from 2007 to 2013 and now, after co-counding Willits Weekly in 2013, I continue my use my skills in photography, graphic design and more through my position as Art Director and Photographress. I have been taking photos of family and friends since I got my first throw-away Kodak camera and was allowed to use the family's digital camera that used a 3.5" floppy.

As technology evolved, I went along, and am certainly a product of the digital generation.  From the Canon Digital Elph circa 2000, through the Canon Digital Rebel EOS circa 2002 to the Canon T1i circa 2010 to the uber fabulous Canon 7D 'a la 2012 and Canon MKD2 I currently enjoy - this spectacular technology (and my never ending desire to hone and master my technique and equipment) has brought me many megapixels of bliss.

Recently, I have found love in glowy outdoor light and continue to pride myself on giving all my clients a fabulous individual experiences resulting in images they cherish for years.

Looking forward to seeing you through the lens soon ...

Maureen Moore

Willits, CA